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The Beauty that Invites Prayer

Data Projection

Liturgical Song is developing data projection resources for parishes and schools to help provide consistent typography, layout and order for data projection slides. The resources will provide for consistent fonts and screen layout for a mix of text, lyrics, and music and lyrics slides, depending on requirements.

The Liturgy Outline template below uses PowerPoint's "Sections" feature to provide for a consistent order outline for the liturgy, ready for insertion of specific song slide sets as required for the particular day, feast or season.

The example slide sets below show the consistency of typography and layout across different types of media - text, lyrics, music and lyrics.

The Power Of The Spirit PowerPoint slide set shows an example of providing an audio track to the slide set, with timing recorded to progress the slides in sync with the audio.

Data projection PowerPoint files and PDF files for various collections will be made available in the Shop catalogue under For Assemblies > Data Projection Files.