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The Beauty that Invites Prayer

Psalms for All Time Volume 1

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    Psalms For All Time: Volume 1

    Popular Common and Seasonal Psalms

    Spiral-bound A4 book, 142 pages.

    Key Features of this Second Edition, © 2016

    • NEW! Psalm setting for Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop
      • Psalm 63 - My Soul Clings to You
    • NEW! Liturgical Song Style Guide
      • Common thematic artwork for all Liturgical Song publications
      • New contemporary fonts, increased staff and font sizes, and precision music engraving for improved readability
      • Universal guitar chord placement below the lyrics and above keyboard accompaniment for improved readability
    • NEW! Psalms For All Time established as the category brand for psalms published by Liturgical Song
      • This second edition is Volume 1, other volumes planned for release in 2017 and 2018
    • NEW! Unique Setting ID for all psalm settings in the Psalms For All Time series
      • Setting ID = Psalm Number (1-150) plus optional suffix (lowercase alpha) to provide unique identifier for a particular setting of verses and response text
      • Lectionary references are listed beneath the Title, providing immediate indication of the celebrations where this particular setting is used [with lectionary number in brackets]
    • REVISIONS! Minor revisions to layout and corrections to the originally published music and text to conform to the lectionary translation (Grail 1963)

    Psalms For All Time

    Psalms for All Time equips parishes and schools with a core repertoire of prayerful, memorable, contemporary settings of the psalms for every Mass and liturgical celebration. The responses are instantly singable by the entire assembly, yet bear the weight of repeated singing. In each psalm setting, the response and verses form a single integrated song, drawing the assembly into the experience of the whole psalm.

    The sprung metre verses of the Grail text are set to attractive melodies using contemporary composition techniques for melodic, harmonic and rhythmic prosody and contrast. This greatly helps in praying the psalms over and over, being able to readily recall the melodies to which the texts are set.

    Psalms for All Time is a method for equipping a parish or school with psalm resources to enable the responsorial psalm to be sung regularly at Mass. The Church is so concerned to encourage the singing of the responsorial psalm that it has designated twenty-five common seasonal psalms, which can be used to replace the psalm of the day for any given Mass. In this way a community can slowly grow their psalm music repertoire, yet still be able to sing the responsorial psalm at all Masses.

    After a while most communities will have learned all twenty-five seasonal psalms. They are then ready to learn additional psalm music repertoire so that the psalm of the day can be sung instead of a common seasonal psalm. At that time, Psalms For All Time: Volume 2 can be introduced to the community.

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