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The Beauty that Invites Prayer

Hymns And Spiritual Songs Volume 1

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    Hymns And Spiritual Songs Volume 1


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    Hymns and Spiritual Songs Volume 1

    Hymns and songs for various occasions.

    Spiral-bound A4 book, 85 pages.

    Launched at Australian Pastoral Musician's Network 4th National Conference - "Listen to the Spirit and Sing" - in Melbourne 1-3 October 2019!

    Featuring composers

    • Paul Mason
    • Mana Nankivell
    • Marie-Louise Nankivell
    • Carmelo Sciberras

    Compiled and Edited by Paul Mason

    Arranged for Cantor, Choir, Assembly, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone and Drums.

    Key Features of this 2019 compilation release

    • Liturgical Song Publisher Style Guide
      • New contemporary fonts, increased staff and font sizes, and precision music engraving for improved readability
      • Universal guitar chord placement below the lyrics and above keyboard accompaniment for improved readability
      • Common thematic artwork for all Liturgical Song publications
    • Plastic spiral binding instead of saddle stitched stapling
      • Enables music to be easily opened flat at any double-page spread
      • Facilitates page turning
      • Provides attractive, long-lasting, musician-friendly binding of music manuscripts

    Overview of Contents

    Hymns and Spiritual Songs Volume 1 is a compilation of works by various composers for use on various occasions - children's liturgy, confirmation, evening prayer, adoration, lenten reflection groups, RCIA evangelisation and catechumenate, and the Mass as entrance, offertory, communion, praise and sending forth songs, depending on the day or season.

    "Power of the Spirit" had its genesis during World Youth Day 2008, with a different refrain. It was sung during catechesis in Broken Bay. More recently it was updated to include a verse directly related to the plenary "listen to what the spirit is saying," and the World Youth Day refrain was replaced with "O Come, Holy Spirit, Come." It was recently recorded by Catholic Youth Ministry Wollongong (CYMW) as part of the Diocesan resource kit for the Wollongong Diocesan Plenary process. It featured in the Opening Prayer and Morning Prayer sessions at the Australian Pastoral Musicians Network 2019 Conference "Listen to the Spirit and Sing." It has broad application during Easter season, Ascension and Pentecost and for Confirmation and can be used as an entrance song, song of praise after communion, or for sending forth. Hear Power Of The Spirit.

    I am pleased to introduce some new lyricists and composers in this edition. Mana Nankivell won a scholarship from the Australian Pastoral Musicians Network and presented her fine composition "We Are Called to Be Merciful" at the Perth Conference in October 2017. The lyrics she set to music were composed by her mother, Marie-Louise Nankivell. It is well suited as an entrance song or sending forth. The refrain is easily learnt and can be introduced to assemblies with cantors singing the verses and the whole assembly joining in the refrain. Two other compositions by these composers are also included in this compilation - "Dismissal For Children," for procession to children's liturgy, and "Laudamus," an a capella choral praise song for use at adoration or praise and worship. Fr Carmel Sciberras wrote some wonderful lyrics for the National Council of Priests Broken Bay Conference in 2002. He asked me to set them to music for the conference. "Lead Us From Good Will to Faith" has a place in RCIA gatherings as the perennial prayer of those in the catechumenate on their journey to Christian Initiation.

    My first liturgical music composition, "Open Our Eyes," was written for confirmation celebrations at St Anthony's Parish Glenhuntly in 1993. It is a lively song, to which children easily relate in the context of their confirmation.

    Two favourites from Holy Name Parish Wahroonga are "O Holy Name," based on the Christ Hymn in Philippians chapter 2, and "When We Eat This Bread." "O Holy Name" works well as an offertory song, as we join ourselves to Christ's sacrifice. "When We Eat This Bread" is easy to sing while walking in a communion procession. Verses taken from the Gospels are sung by cantors. "Love Never Ends," is a Wahroonga favourite for weddings and occasionally at Sunday Mass, when the song is particularly pertinent to the readings. I was fortunate to have Kamahl record it for his CD "Faith of Our Fathers." 

    "God of Mercy (I Believe)" was recorded as part of the Wollongong Diocese Lenten Program in 2013, in the Year of Faith. It features numerous verses based on reflections on the Gospels of Lent and can be used as a seasonal chant during Lenten reflection groups, or as a chant during offertory, reflecting on the particular Sunday's Gospel.

    The most recent composition (2019) is a new setting of the Magnificat ("My Soul Rejoices in My God"). It has been set to be used as a responsorial psalm or sung through with the antiphon used only at the beginning or end, the more traditional approach when sung in Evening Prayer. Using the same Grail psalm text for both Mass and Evening Prayer helps reinforce the role of the canticle as Luke's Gospel proclamation.

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