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The Beauty that Invites Prayer

God's Call

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    Single Song Download

    God's Call

    by Fiona Dyball

    for Advent, Marian Feasts

    I am pleased to introduce Fiona Dyball to the composer stable at Liturgical Song.

     Fiona is a musician, teacher, composer, conductor and liturgist based in Melbourne. She works extensively in liturgical and music ministry, and in faith formation in both the secondary school and parish context. Fiona is a member of the National Liturgical Music Council of the Australian Catholic Bishop’s Conference, and a member of the National Executive of the Australian Pastoral Musician’s Network.

     Fiona presents across Australia in liturgical music, especially as applied to Catholic secondary schools. Fiona has travelled extensively, working and praying with diverse communities in South Africa, Europe, the United States and the Middle East. She has sung at the LA Religious Education Congress in workshops and concerts, and has taught the art and ministry of the music minister in Catholic worship for over 30 years.
    This digital download edition of God's Call is her first song release and featured during prayer at the 2019 Australian Pastoral Musicians Network Listen to the Spirit and Sing Conference in Melbourne. It is being released in time for Advent 2019.
    God's Call will feature in a forthcoming collection of songs by Fiona in 2023 that will include new Responsorial Psalms, choral music and hymns. 

    Paul Mason, Editor and Publisher

    God’s Call is a response to the account of the Annunciation, as told in Luke 1: 26-38. Mary’s call to discipleship is the call for us all: how will each of us respond to God’s invitation of love to fullness of life? This is a unique discernment for each person. The fruit of this deep listening to the Spirit is the joy of God’s faithful accompaniment as we move forward in our lives. God is with us as we build and sustain communities that are a living sign of faith, hope and love.

    The piece was commissioned for an international Catholic pilgrimage to Israel in 2019. It premiered at the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth on New Year’s Day, 2019 on the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. 

    Fiona Dyball

    Feast of Saint Albert the Great

    15 November 2019

    The download package contains MP3 and PDFs of the Full Score, Cello, C instrument, and Assembly A5. Click on the poplet images above to see sample pages from the sheet music PDFs. Click below to hear the recording of the song. 

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