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The Beauty that Invites Prayer

Masses for Parish and School

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    Masses for Parish and School


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    Masses for Parish and School

    3 popular Mass settings and children's Eucharistic Prayer acclamations

    • Mass of Glory and Praise, by Paul Mason
    • Mass Shalom, by Colin D. Smith cdc and Paul Mason
    • Mass of the Saints, by Paul Mason

    Spiral-bound A4 book, 88 pages.

    Key Features of this 2017 compilation release

    • NEW! Five previously unreleased Mass part settings for Mass of Glory and Praise
      • Lord, Have Mercy
      • Children's Eucharistic Prayer Acclamations
        • Glory to God in the Highest
        • Hosanna in the Highest
        • Jesus Has Given His Life for Us
        • We Praise You, We Bless You, We Thank You
    • NEW! Detailed guidelines on the use of all three Mass settings in Masses with Children
    • NEW! Liturgical Song Style Guide
      • Common thematic artwork for all Liturgical Song publications
      • New contemporary fonts, increased staff and font sizes, and precision music engraving for improved readability
      • Universal guitar chord placement below the lyrics and above keyboard accompaniment for improved readability
    • NEW! Economical packaging - three Masses for the price of one!
    • NEW! Plastic spiral binding instead of saddle stitched stapling
      • Enables music to be easily opened flat at any double-page spread
      • Facilitates page turning
      • Provides attractive, long-lasting, musician-friendly binding of music manuscripts

    Mass of Glory and Praise

    This popular setting was originally published in 2004 and is used in many parishes and schools throughout Australia and internationally. It features choral and instrumental parts. The melodies are memorable and well within the capacity of the general assembly. There are settings for every major part of the Mass, including over 100 Gospel Acclamation verse settings. The Mass setting features contemporary instruments as used in parish ensembles, school bands and orchestras to support the assembly in song. Parts for flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, French horn, trumpet, trombone, violin, viola, cello, bass guitar and an orchestra conductor's full music edition are sold separately. Melody, SATB Choral Arrangements, Keyboard and Guitar Accompaniment included in this edition. Recommended by the Australian Bishops.

    Mass Shalom

    Completely revised and updated by Paul Mason, this classic, popular setting resides in the hearts of many. The newly composed material is seamlessly integrated with Colin Smith's original composition. Each setting flows easily and builds on the appeal of the original setting. It's popularity has grown and Mass Shalom is used in many parishes and schools throughout Australia. Melody, SATB Choral Arrangements, Keyboard and Guitar Accompaniment are included in this edition. Recommended by the Australian Bishops.

    Mass of the Saints

    This new setting fuses the new vernacular texts with Gregorian tradition and contemporary sensibilities. The setting is intended for use with guitar or keyboard accompaniment. The Mass is particularly suited to communities with limited resources. There is no requirement for a choir. A cantor is helpful for the invocations of the Penitential Act and the Alleluia verses; otherwise these parts may be spoken. The setting can work well sung by the assembly without any accompaniment, or with accompaniment provided on guitar, piano or organ. The melodies and harmonies are contemporary and the setting works well when accompanied by a band including drums and bass guitar.

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